Law and Literature

Written by Jessica Magonet

She had plans for the rest of her life

She wrote them on tiny note cards in tiny letters

She laid each card out side by side

As she lined suits with stitches in the depth of night


He had long curls and a piece of land

Dotted with sheep and potato plants

He had gold coins and slick bills

They fell deftly into her delicate hands


She had his gaze

She had his hand

The white veiled her eyes

In a gossamer web


He had plans for the rest of his life

He professed them profusely to the party members

He had a vision, and now, a wife

He ascended to power in short steady steps


He had the nation

He had her hand

He closed his wife in his mansion on his piece of land


She had a room of her own with a view

A broad, tidy desk and a heavy oak chair

She had long hours in the afternoon


To pen the novel that she had long planned

In the evening, she appeared, on cue

To furnish his parties

To hold his strong hand


When night fell, they lay side by side

And went through the motions of married life


They each held a pen,

They each held a hand

Soon, their words would govern the land.